15 Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Favors Kids Will Love

Need ideas for fun and eco-friendly birthday party favors for kids? 

It’s no secret that kids love little trinkets as birthday party favors, but unfortunately, so many cheap plastic toys end up broken and thrown away after only a short while.

For a festive birthday celebration with less plastic waste, choose these eco-friendly birthday party favors instead.  

15 Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Favors Kids Will Love

Eco Friendly Birthday Party Favors For Kids

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Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Favors: Toys & Games

It’s all fun and games with these party favor ideas!

Matices Design Shop paper pinwheels
Paper pinwheels / Image from Matices Designs Shop on Etsy

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Favors: Crafty Ideas

For an interactive option, plan a birthday party craft that doubles as a favor guests can take home with them. Or, take the easy route and order handmade crafty favors instead.

Mini solar printing kits / Image from Elemental Leaf on Etsy

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Favors: Plants & Plantable Gifts

Add some extra life to the party with living or plantable favors!

Plantable dinosaur seed paper / Image from Recycled Ideas on Etsy

Alternatives to Plastic Party Favor Goodie Bags

Skip any extra plastic wrapping and try one of these options for displaying and giving away your birthday party favors instead.

  • Place your party favors in a basket or on a tray. Add a sign or simply tell your guest to take one as they leave. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!
  • Add a name card for a personalized approach. Use a hole punch on a name card and tie it around your party favor with twine.
  • Place in recycled kraft paper bags with a heart pattern or pine tree pattern. Perfect if you are putting together a few mini favors.

For even more fun, plan a printable treasure hunt! Hide your party favors as treasures at the end.

Indoor Outdoor Printable Treasure Hunt for Kids

Happy Birthday Party Planning

I hope your birthday party celebration is a smashing success! 

What are your favorite eco-friendly birthday party favors? Any new ideas you would add to this list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I’m always up for more sustainable celebration tips.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Favors Kids Will Love

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