Blueland: Plastic Free Dishwasher Pods You Need in Your Kitchen

Want clean pots and pans without using harsh chemicals? I’m dishing all about my favorite natural and plastic free dishwasher pods that actually work!

Over the years, I’ve tried several different natural dishwasher detergents, with mixed results. My favorite one so far? The plastic free dishwasher pods from Blueland.

Favorite Natural & Eco-Friendly Products + Discount Codes

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Natural Ingredients

Whenever I try a new household product, I like to check its ratings on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website.

Blueland dishwasher tablets pass the natural ingredients test with flying colors! These pods are EWG Verified, which is their highest rating for health and transparency. 

Blueland dishwasher detergent tablet ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Sorbitan Caprylate, Subtilisin, Microcrytalline, Cellulose, Sodium Carboxymethyl Inulin, Amylase, Lauryl/Myristyl Glucoside, Sodium Citrate, Hydrated Silica.

Blueland plastic free dishwasher pods

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Isn’t it funny how beautiful packaging can make you feel happier about the most mundane things like doing the dishes?

Blueland by far has the cutest and most eco-friendly packaging of natural dishwasher detergent tablets I’ve seen. Their sleek blue metal tins are oh so pretty. 

Most importantly, Blueland’s packaging is better for the environment. Their dishwasher pods are entirely plastic free. The tablets come in a compostable paper bag, which you pour into the reusable metal tin. For future purchases, you can just order the refills. 

Without all the extra plastic packaging, a few of the tablets may break in the shipping process. When this happens, I put two half pieces into the detergent spot in the dishwasher together, which works just fine. 

Blueland plastic free dishwasher pods

Reasonable Prices

For the best price on Blueland dishwasher tablets, you can subscribe and save an extra percentage on regular shipments. You’ll want to order the Dishwasher Starter Set first and then follow up with the Dishwasher Refill Packs.

For a one-time purchase, it’s currently $0.35 per tablet. With the subscription rate, it’s $0.32 per tablet. 

Cleaning Power

For me, it was a real challenge finding a dishwasher pod that is eco-friendly, a reasonable price and actually cleans dishes well. But Blueland manages to do all of that.

I’ve been using the Blueland dishwasher tablets for several months and I’ve been very happy with how well they clean our dishes. 

Bottomline: If you want a natural dishwasher detergent with the most eco-friendly (and adorable!) packaging and ingredients, go with Blueland’s plastic free dishwasher pods. 

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