14 Eco Friendly Baby Shower Favors Your Guest Will Love

If you’re searching for eco friendly baby shower favors, there are plenty of adorable ideas that are good for the planet too. 

From plantable gifts to natural bath and body products, I’m sharing my favorite sustainable baby shower favors that your guests will love!

Sustainable and Eco Friendly Baby Shower Favors

For your convenience I have included direct affiliate links for my favorite eco friendly baby shower favors. If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

14 Eco Friendly Baby Shower Favors

  1. Plantable wildflower seed paper favors
  2. Seedling favors
  3. Mini succulents
  4. Birdseed favors
  5. Seed packets
  6. Organic tea
  7. Olive oil favors
  8. Mini honey jars
  9. Natural lip balm
  10. Natural hand soap
  11. Shower steamers
  12. Sugar scrub jars
  13. Soy candles

Where to Find Eco Friendly Baby Shower Favors

For local options, crafting stores and garden nurseries can be great sources for eco friendly shower favors.

For online shopping, Etsy is my favorite resource for finding unique and sustainable goods. Etsy offers thousands of products made by small businesses with carbon neutral shipping.

Here are some of the best options for eco friendly baby shower favors…

Image from flowerseedpaper on Etsy

1. Plantable Wildflower Seed Paper Favors 

These Personalized Onesie Shape Seed Favors are adorable!

pine seedlings
Image from DearlyBeelovedLLC on Etsy

2. Pine Seedling Favors

What better way to celebrate a new life, then by gifting Pine Seedling Favors in baby’s honor? You can also take pictures with baby next to the planted seedlings year after year and watch as they both grow.

Image from HelixAndBirch on Etsy

3. Mini Succulents

Purchase succulents from your local nursery and add these personalized Baby in Bloom Succulent Tags. Or, order the complete Succulent Gift Favors for a ready-made set of live plants and personalized tags.  

Image from FavorUniverse on Etsy

4. Seed Packets

Choose DIY Wildflower Seed Packets and fill with your favorite flower seeds – maybe even ones you’ve saved from your own garden. Or, snag some Custom Seed Packet Baby Shower Favors already filled with seeds. 

Image from HeartandHiveDesign on Etsy

5. Birdseed Favors

These handmade Birdseed Heart Favors are adorable and help your neighborhood birds too!

Image from RozaliaCrafts on Etsy

6. Organic Tea Favors

Choose from 30 different flavors with these Organic Tea Favors in eco friendly glass test tube packaging. 

Image from DearlyBeelovedLLC on Etsy

7. Olive Oil Favors

For savory and practical favor with a personalized label, these Lemon Infused Olive Oil Favors are a real winner.

Image from WhiteConfettiBox on Etsy

8. Mini Honey Jars

Mini Honey Jars are perfect for celebrating a mommy-to-bee and a sweet little honey on the way! 

Image from JnLNaturals on Etsy

9. Natural Lip Balm

Handcrafted from high-quality ingredients, choose a lip balm variety pack in cardboard tubes or lip balm tins with a custom message. 

Image from KimAndPom on Etsy

10. Natural Hand Soaps

Made with all natural ingredients, this set of Natural Soap Favors can be shipped without plastic packaging as well. 

Image by TheDancingWick on Etsy

11. Sugar Scrub Jars

From my shower to yours! These handmade Sugar Scrubs come in a sustainable glass mason jar with a cheeky message.

Image from EnchantedBrookSoaps on Etsy

12. Shower Steamers

Order bulk lavender Shower Steamer Favors for an indulgent yet practical gift. Add some Kraft Paper Envelopes to make individual favors with your own personal message or design.

Image from TheDancingWick on Etsy

13. Soy Candles

Handmade with pure essential oils, Baby Shower Soy Candles make a lovely favor for guests to enjoy at home.

Image from FreeSpiritCrafting on Etsy


Craft your own personalized bookmarks or order a set of Baby Shower Bookmark Favors with memorable quotes from classic children’s books.

Happy Baby Shower Planning

I hope you found some sustainable inspiration among all of these lovely eco friendly baby shower favors!

Save these eco-friendly celebration ideas for baby’s first birthday: 

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