Fantastic Podcasts To Inspire Outdoor Adventures and Nature Play

These days, you can find a podcasts on almost any topic. If outdoor family adventures, nature play, and environmental stewardship are your vibe, these awesome podcasts will be right up your alley!

Fantastic Podcasts To Inspire Outdoor Family Adventures and Nature Play

5 Fantastic Podcasts To Inspire Outdoor Adventures and Nature Play

  • The Run Wild My Child Podcast
  • 1000 Hours Outside Podcast
  • Happy Outdoor Families
  • Kids Who Explore Parent Edition
  • Outdoorsy Families

The Run Wild My Child Podcast

Fantastic Podcasts To Inspire Outdoor Family Adventures and Nature Play - Run Wild My Child Podcast

Podcast Description

“The Run Wild My Child podcast is where we discuss the importance of getting kids outside and help busy parents like you, get your kids off screens and out the door! Hosted by Sara McCarty, mom of 3 and founder of Run Wild My Child, a resource website all why kids need to spend time outside and filled with easy ways to make outdoor time fun and enjoyable for everyone, even if you’re not outdoorsy.”

Why You’ll Love It

If you enjoy surfing the Run Wild My Child website and Instagram page for nature activities, you will love this podcast. Each episode features host and Run Wild My Child founder, Sara McCarty, chatting with a different member of the creative team.

With a deep bench of Run Wild My Child creative team members from all over the US, the podcast covers a variety of outdoor specialty areas. From outdoor photography and safety tips to eco-conscious and mental health habits, these podcast episodes provide lots of great ideas for your next family adventure.

Standout Episode: Episode 6: Raising Eco-Conscious Kids with Chelsea Furlong

1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Fantastic Podcasts To Inspire Outdoor Family Adventures and Nature Play - 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Podcast Description

“Childhood is finite at just shy of 9.5 million minutes. We only get one shot at it. One of the biggest decisions we make is how we will use that time. Research has confirmed time and time again that what children are naturally and unabashedly drawn to, unrestricted outside play, contributes extensively to every area of childhood development. The importance here cannot be understated. Every year we aim to match nature time with the average amount of American kid screen time (which is currently 1200 hours per year). Have a goal. Track your time outside. Take back childhood. Inspire others.”

Why You’ll Love It

Ginny Yurich, the genius behind the 1000 Hours Outside phenomenon (and coloring page trackers!), hosts this helpful podcast all about the benefits of being outdoors.

From a sleep specialist and a movement biomechanist to “America’s Worst Mom,” season 2 of the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast is filled with intriguing author interviews. These knowledgeable experts share how spending time outside can benefit all different areas of our lives.

Standout Episode: Bare Feet, Movement Hunger, and a Home with No Furniture | Katy Bowman

Happy Outdoor Families

Fantastic Podcasts To Inspire Outdoor Family Adventures and Nature Play - Happy Outdoor Families

Podcast Description

“Welcome to Happy Outdoor Families! This is a podcast that inspires and empowers families to spend more time playing and exploring outside. Whether in your own backyard or on a grand adventure, I hope this podcast motivates you to reconnect with the natural world.

Tune in for a new episode every Monday, and on Wednesdays for a new outdoor play invitation to listen to with your kids. See you outside!”

Why You’ll Love It

A highlight of the Happy Outdoor Families podcast is the interactive episodes designed specifically for nature play with kids. With her background as a Tinkergarten teacher, host Emily Isenbarger strikes the right balance of fun and education in her playtime episodes. In short 10 minute or less segments, these cover nature activities such as mud paint or ice sensory bins.

The full podcast episodes are geared toward parents and offer practical insights and tips on outdoor play. Emily also interviews some great guests on topics like national parks and Indigenous history.

Standout Episode: 24. Behavioral Schemas: How Play Builds Brains

Kids Who Explore Parent Edition

Fantastic Podcasts To Inspire Outdoor Family Adventures and Nature Play - Kids Who Explore

Podcast Description

The mamas behind the scenes at Kids Who Explore, share weekly episodes covering all things exploring (with kids), from simple walks outside to camping in the backcountry. Expect interviews with explorers from all over the world and lots of takeaways for your own future adventures!”

Why You’ll Love It

Three charming Canadian moms (Adrianna Skori, Lauren Rodych-Eberle, and Cindy Dowsett) host the Kids Who Explore podcast. Listening to the episodes with just the three of them feels like chatting with your group of mom friends. And the episodes with guest interviews cover a wide range of outdoor adventure topics for parents. Some episode highlights include seasonal bucket lists, gentle parenting outside, and environmental stewardship.

Standout Episode: Episode 22 Gentle Parenting Outside with M.J. Singletary-Villalobos

Outdoorsy Families Podcast

Fantastic Podcasts To Inspire Outdoor Family Adventures and Nature Play - Outdoorsy Families

Podcast Description

Getting outside with kids can be hard work. At times it can feel overwhelming, scary, or not worth the effort. But it doesn’t have to feel that way! I’m here to help you get outside with your kids and enjoy it! Outdoorsy Families podcast includes stories from parents like you, tips for getting outside, and the big, beautiful adventures that happen when we step out our door. I believe any family can be an outdoorsy family, and I’m here to help make that happen!”

Why You’ll Love It

If you enjoy checking out the latest outdoor gear, the Outdoorsy Families podcast features a couple of great interviews with innovative product creators. Some notable guests include the creators of the Trail Magik child carrier and Morrison Outdoors baby sleeping bags.

In other episodes, host Audrey Withycombe interviews guests on a variety of outdoor adventure topics like water safety, risky play and the reality of hiking with kids.

Standout Episode: Episode 13 Instagram vs. Reality with Jess Sproat

Fantastic Podcasts To Inspire Outdoor Family Adventures and Nature Play

Happy Podcasting!

Hopefully you have a full playlist of adventure inspiring podcasts to listen to now! Have you been enjoying any of these podcasts? Or do you have other podcasts you would recommend that inspire outdoor family adventures and nature play? I’ll love to hear from you in the comments below.

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