Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

Spring is the perfect time to plan nature activities for preschoolers. Birds are singing, puddles are forming and the world is starting to turn green again. Let’s plan some fun learning activities for your preschooler that foster their love of nature!

Plant Seeds Indoors

Fun and educational, planting seeds with preschoolers is a great springtime activity that teaches kids about the natural world. Curious minds love nurturing and watching those little seeds turn into green sprouts. Growing plant seeds indoors with kids can be an engaging and easy process. Just follow these simple steps to get your preschooler working on her green thumb!

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

Supplies needed:

  • Planting pots or paper cups
  • Potting soil
  • Small shovel
  • Seeds
  • Spray bottle for water
Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

Learning activity: Gardening with children is a great way to teach the about the three component plants need to grow: soil, water and sunlight. Explain that soil is like food for plants. Have your preschooler scoop a small pile of potting soil into their planting pot. Then give them 2 or 3 seeds (as some may not germinate) to place in the soil and have them scoop a tiny bit more soil on top to cover the seeds.

Next, explain that plants need water to grow big and strong and let them use the spray bottle to lightly mist the soil. Finally, talk about how sunlight is another necessity for plants and find a sunny spot to keep their pot. Now the waiting begins.

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

What kids learn: Besides learning about the basic needs of plants, growing seeds helps teach children patience as they wait and check each day on the progress of their plant. It also helps develop responsibility as they care for and water their plant regularly.

Learn How Maple Syrup Is Made

The transition between winter and spring, typically throughout March, is the ideal time for maple syrup production. Freezing temperatures at night and warmer temperatures in the day allow for sap to flow more freely. Take this opportunity to learn about how that delicious maple syrup we love is made from sugar maple trees.

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

Learning activity: Start your morning off with some Healthy Flaxseed Pancakes and real maple syrup to get a taste of the yummy end product!

Take a walk in your own neighborhood or local park and observe the trees you see. Talk about the differences and similarities you notice. What does the bark look and feel like? Are there any buds or leaves on the tree yet?

Explain that sugar maple trees, which may or may not grow in your area, are a special kind of tree that have a sweet liquid called sap inside them. In the spring, these trees are tapped with a spout and the maple sugar slowly drips into a bucket. Then the maple sugar is heated up or boiled until it becomes the maple syrup we had this morning!

Local resources: If you live in an area where sugar maple trees grow, your local nature center is likely to have hands-on learning experiences about the maple syrup collection and production process.

In West Michigan, the local nature centers listed below offer great educational programs for kids and families.

Maple Sugar Time – Outdoor Discovery Center
Mini Maple Event | Blandford Nature Center

What kids learn: Children learn how trees come in all different shapes, sizes and colors just like people and how yummy foods like maple syrup are grown in nature.

Create Temporary Nature Art

One of the best parts of making temporary nature art is that you won’t have piles of paper artwork when you are done! The idea behind temporary art (also known an ephemeral art) is that you use items found in nature to design a piece of artwork whether it is a pattern, sculpture or picture, that is not meant to last.

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

Watch this video for inspiration and then try it out on your own:

Found Object Art: Nature Art

Learning activity: Ready to start your art adventure? Go outside with your preschooler to collect items like leaves, pine cones, stones, flowers or any other object found in nature. Have them create a piece of art with the nature items. Check on it again later. How has it changed?

Another fun temporary nature art idea is to create a cairn or a tower of flat stones. See how long it can stand. Likely, not too long with a preschooler around!

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

What kids learn: Temporary nature art can be a great educational activity that enhances preschoolers’ appreciation for nature. It allows children to use their imaginations to create masterpieces with objects they may not typically use for art. Also, this activity emphasizes the importance of enjoying the moment and embracing change.

Go Puddle Jumping

Preschoolers are fascinated with puddles and springtime is prime puddle season. If your child constantly wants to splash into puddles at the most inconvenient times, plan a specific time to go puddle jumping. That way you can ensure they are dressed for the occasion with their waterproof boots and a rain jacket.

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

Learning activity: Puddles are a great way to explore how the natural world works. Turn your puddle jumping adventure into an outdoor learning activity by experimenting with these topics:

  • Observe cause and effect. What will happen when I jump in the water?
  • Explore differing depths. Which puddles are deep and which ones are shallow? How does the water react differently depending on the depth?
  • Investigate density by looking for various objects to put in the puddle like leaves, rocks or sticks. Ask your preschooler which ones will sink and which will float and test it out.

What kids learn: Children can learn the basics of science experiments: asking questions, making predictions and then testing it out.

Make A Grapefruit Bird Feeder

Try a unique spin on making an easy bird feeder with your preschooler by using a grapefruit rind as the base!

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

Supplies needed:

  • Grapefruit (an orange will work too!)
  • Small knife and spoon
  • 3 pipe cleaners
  • Bird seed

Learning activity: First, slice and eat some healthy grapefruit as a snack. Then empty the remaining juice.

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

Grown-up tasks: Make sure to keep the knife safely away from curious little hands as you cut out the remaining grapefruit membranes. Use a spoon to help scoop everything out. Then use the knife to poke 3 small holes about 1 inch down from the rim around the grapefruit.

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

Preschooler tasks: Have your preschool poke a pipe cleaner through each hole and then twist the end around to secure it. Then twist all three pipe cleaners together at the top. Fill with bird seed and place in your yard for all the birdies to enjoy!

Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers

What kids learn: Preschoolers can work on fine motor skills by manipulating the pipe cleaners and pouring bird seed. They will also be introduced to the idea of repurposing items no longer needed into new useful items.

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Happy Spring!

Which of these nature activities have you tried or are excited to try? Share your thoughts below!

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4 thoughts on “Spring Nature Activities For Preschoolers”

    1. Those grapefruit bird feeders are such a fun, easy project! I think I had just as much fun making them as my kids. Nature artwork is an excellent one too. Definitely something to look forward to trying this spring!

  1. This is awesome thank you so much for the ideas they’re so creative! I was just trying to think of fun stuff to do with my daughter outdoors this spring after the weather warms up a bit (she’s almost 4). With the pandemic we’ve been going a bit stir crazy… but these sound perfect!

    I’m totally going to try the grapefruit bird feeder… I never would have thought about using pipe cleaners, it’s just a great and easy idea for little kids!

    We also have a local nature center that we love to visit, and every year they have a maple syrup festival. I used to go with my mom when I was a kid and I can’t wait to take my daughter!

    1. I’m so glad you found these ideas helpful! With the weather warming up, there are definitely lots more options for outdoor nature activities, so stayed tuned for more ideas.

      With the grapefruit bird feeders, using string may be a little more secure but the pipe cleaners are so much easier for little figures to use!

      Have a blast visiting your local nature center! It’s so great being able to share fun experiences we had as kids with the next generation.

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