15 Creative & Free Spring Break Activities at Home

Wondering what to do on spring break at home this year? Looking for cheap and easy ideas on how to keep your kids engaged all week? You don’t have to invest a lot of time or money to have a memorable spring break at home. Here are 15 fun and creative spring break activities for kids to do at home that can be done mostly for free using items you already own.

15 Creative & Free Spring Break Activities at Home

15 Creative & Free Spring Break Activities at Home

1. Plan a theme day or week.

Take your cue from your school’s spirit weeks and plan a theme day or week at home. Some fun ideas include sports day, wacky pattern day, favorite character day or twin day. Let your kids get creative and pick their favorite themes.

2. Camp inside.

Since you are not traveling, bring the adventure home with you! Make a fort in the living room or your child’s bedroom using sheets and blankets. Get out the flashlight and read stories in the “tent” together. Pile up the pillows and blankets for a fort slumber party.

3. Have a campfire in the backyard.

Keep with the camping theme and set up a campfire in your backyard (if that’s allowed where you live). Chilly temperatures are perfect for gathering around a warm fire. Get out your roasting sticks to roast hot dogs or s’mores for a little preview of summer.

4. Create with cardboard boxes.

Seriously, sometimes the empty boxes are more entertaining than the toys that come inside! Dig through your recycling and find a cardboard box you don’t need. Let your kids decorate it with crayons or markers or use their imaginations to make something else. Suggest making a robot or a house for their stuffed animals or dolls.

5. Set up carnival games.

Keep it simple. Set up a basket toss using a storage or laundry basket and small toys like balls or blocks to throw in it from a short distance. Make a clothespin or coin drop by standing on a chair and trying to drop the clothespins or coins in a jar below. Use simple prizes like stickers or hand stamps for winning the games.

6. Play a new board game.

Gather around as a family and try out a new board game. Ask friends or family if they want to do a board game swap or visit your local library to see if they have games you can check out there. Some favorites that are great for the whole family are Spot It, Sleeping Queens or Ticket to Ride – First Journey.

7. Set up your own home restaurant.

Have your kids come up with menu ideas to serve at your home restaurant. Ask them to create paper menus and write or draw pictures of the food options. Maybe this Almond Chocolate Chip Banana Bread will make the menu. If your kids are old enough, have them prepare or help prepare the food. Ask them to make special name cards or place mats for the table. Enjoy a unique meal at your own family restaurant!

15 Creative & Free Spring Break Activities at Home

8. Go on a nature walk.

Spring is a beautiful but messy time to be out in nature. Grab the rain boots and get outside. Take a walk around the neighborhood or visit a local park for some fresh air. Go on a Gratitude Nature Scavenger Hunt while you walk looking for various animals or plants.

9. Set up an obstacle course.

Obstacle courses are a great idea for keeping active no matter the weather. For an indoor obstacle course, use chairs or benches to climb over or under and pillows to jump on or over. If you have painter’s tape, place some lines on the floor to run along or jump between. For an outdoor obstacle course, set up a running path throughout your yard. Use any play equipment you have to make it harder like trying to kick a soccer ball up a slide. Get out a timer! Do time trials and see if kids can beat their own personal best time.

10. Make cards for loved ones.

Missing some loved ones you haven’t seen in a while? Bring out the art supplies and write some sweet messages along with some cute kid drawings. A homemade card in the mail is always a nice surprise.

11. Dance party.

Let’s get moving! If your kiddos need to get some wiggles out indoors, turn up your favorite kid-friendly music and get dancing. Encourage your kids to make up a dance routine and perform it for the family.

15 Creative & Free Spring Break Activities at Home

12. Create your own zoo.

Using their collection of stuffed animals, have your child set up different habitats for their animals throughout the house. Ask them to be the zookeeper and give you a tour of all the animals. Ask them what sounds each animal makes and what kinds of foods they eat.

13. Spring clean as a family.

This may not be the most exciting idea, but all the time at home together provides a great opportunity to make the space around you feel as clean and calm as possible (especially with all those active kids running around). Give your child a spray bottle with plain soapy water and a washcloth to help wipe counters and cabinets. Go through toy bins and clothes to find items to donate or pass along to friends.

14. Make slime.

That ooey gooey goodness of slime is irresistible. This can be a messy activity, but hey, it’s spring break. Here is a simple recipe to make at home: 3-Ingredient Slime DIY (no borax) – Crunchy Creamy Sweet.

15. Put on a talent show.

Have your children brainstorm talent show ideas – singing, telling jokes, playing music, dancing, juggling. They don’t have to be great at it, it’s all just for fun. Designate a mini stage area and take turns showing off all your talents.

Happy Spring Break!

What other creative and free spring break activities at home are you planning on this year? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “15 Creative & Free Spring Break Activities at Home”

  1. Hi Leah, I love your 15 spring break ideas for kids! especially when you are recycling throw-outs and put to good use. You are a true fellow at heart. I recycle everything and recommend how you can use your recycle throw-outs into craft projects for kids.

    I work with early years children and we are always trying to find ways to entertain them and use simple things like a ordinary cardboard box and have the kids decorate them how they want.
    We have used this with even our youngest of 2 years and upwards, other than sit in it, we get them to decorate their boxes into buses or cars, sometimes using paints, very messy but it’s all in their exploring and learning to work with different resources and mediums. I like how one can wear it and make it into a character, great idea might try that one out!

    Out door exploring is a plus and we do this regularly, infact because of home-learning now, what you have suggested in your 15 ideas is brilliant for mum’s and dad’s, carers to follow your examples, if they can, depending where they live, to think of the bigger picture and experiment in and out-doors.
    I enjoyed looking at your website, it’s adult and child friendly and has a good balance of information and pictures and easy on the eye and will definately look further for more ideas what to do with our kids. So thanks for your super suggestions!

    1. Hi Julia,

      Boxes really are versatile toys aren’t they? So many options – sitting in, decorating, cutting out pieces to make something new. Another fun idea we tried once was decorating a cracker box to make a pinata for a family celebration.

      It is always nice connecting with others who are passionate about the environment. There is so much good work that needs to be done in that area and teaching children to appreciate nature can be a huge asset.

      I’m so glad you’ve found these ideas helpful. All the best!

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