Finding Gratitude In Nature Scavenger Hunt

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For a fun and meaningful outdoor activity with kids, try this gratitude nature scavenger hunt! It’s perfect for adding a little thankfulness while hiking, camping or even playing in your own backyard.

Encouraging Gratitude

Having a spirit of gratitude is something that takes practice. The more we stop and reflect on everything we have to be thankful for, the easier it becomes to focus on the positive in life.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”


Modeling Gratitude

Raising children who are thankful and appreciative individuals is an important goal and not always an easy one. As caregivers, one aspect we have control over is our own gratefulness. Our level of gratitude (or lack there of) can greatly affect our children’s attitudes.

Here are some simple ideas to model gratitude for your children on a daily basis:

  • Thank your children regularly for little things like helping around the house or using kind words.
  • Express gratitude each day for what makes you happy like sunny skies or a favorite song.
  • Demonstrate taking action to show gratitude to others, such as writing a thank you card.
  • Discuss at dinnertime or bedtime something each family member is thankful for that day.

“We can always find something to be thankful for…”

Albert Barnes

Exploring the great outdoors and looking for items we are thankful for in nature is another wonderful way to teach children gratitude.

Gratitude Nature Scavenger Hunt

Inspired by Simple Acres Blog.

Look for something in nature that…

  • Makes you smile
  • Is your favorite color
  • Would make a friend happy
  • Makes a pretty sound
  • You are thankful for
  • Is fun to play with
  • Smells lovely
  • Is interesting to look at
  • Feels soft to touch
  • Is fun to climb on
  • You would like to draw a picture of
  • Can be used to build with
  • Is fun to watch move around
  • Is beautiful
  • You could use to make a heart shape
  • Is the perfect resting spot

Free Printables

Download these free gratitude nature scavenger hunt printables to enjoy with your little ones on your next outdoor adventure. Check out the different versions you can use too!

Gratitude Nature Scavenger Hunt Checklist Versions

Gratitude Nature Scavenger Hunt - Free Printables

Gratitude Nature Scavenger Hunt - Free Printables

Gratitude Nature Scavenger Hunt Bingo Verison

Gratitude Nature Scavenger Hunt - Free Printables

Happy Scavenger Hunting

I hope you find lots of wonderful things in nature to be thankful for through this gratitude scavenger hunt!

What other ways do you work on practicing gratitude for yourself or your children? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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